Traditional Italian Antipasti!


Pleases your palate with traditional Italian antipasti made with original recipes.

About Us


Our Story

Our passion for family traditions and high quality food led us to create this fine line of delicious Italian Vegetable Antipastos. The idea of sharing and making available a unique and innovative artisan product not yet in the local market, always honoring original recipes, the best of ingredients and the absolutely necessary use of love... the heart of the Kitchen!


Our Mission

Our strive is to make only the finest and most delicious array of all-natural Italian vegetable antipastos crafted with high quality standards, ready to eat and fully available at local markets.


Our Products

Meglio Kitchen products consist on a fine line of Italian antipastos made with fresh vegetables from local suppliers, 100% natural, vegan-friendly, ready to enjoy alone or combined with your everyday recipes and in full compliance with state safety and U.S. regulatory standards.


Let's start with our story.

I'm a native of Venezuela but have been married to an Italian for over 21 years. Being surrounded by his family, I got an incredibly deep sense of how important it is to gather around a nice homemade meal where everybody has the chance to share thoughts, opinions, and laughter. At the beginning of 2018 and after being in this wonderful country (USA) for almost 16 years, I felt the need to make something of my own, something different, authentic, delicious and worthy of the Italian roots I inherited. That's how I came up with the antipastos! The "primo piatto" Italians have before their meal, usually something light, fresh, assorted, and colorful. 

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